Radium Hot Springs

The water

Each Rocky Mountain Hot Spring has its own unique blend of minerals, gases and temperature.

Radium Hot Spring is named after the radioactive element radon, which is naturally present in the water in very small traces. Despite its namesake, the radiation dosage from bathing in the pools is inconsequential. The mineral water that emerges at the spring source for Radium Hot Spring is odorless because the hydrogen sulfide gas normally present in hot spring water has already dissipated.

For over a century, visitors have travelled here to “take the waters” for their believed therapeutic properties. Radium Hot Springs mineral-rich waters also include sulfate, calcium, bicarbonate, silica, and magnesium.

Current water conditions

100% natural mineral water is flowing at Radium Hot Springs.

  • Hot pool water temperature: 40 oC / 104oF

  • Cool pool water temperature: 20 oC / 68oF