Miette Hot Springs

The water

Each Rocky Mountain Hot Spring has its own unique blend of minerals, gases and temperature.

Miette Hot Springs produces the hottest mineral water in the Canadian Rockies. The natural hot springs water flows from the source at 54°C (129°F) and is then cooled to a comfortable temperature of 40°C (104°F) before it enters the hot springs pools. 

For over a century, visitors have travelled here to “take the waters” for their believed therapeutic properties. Miette Hot Springs mineral-rich waters include sulfate, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium and sodium.

Current water conditions

100% natural mineral water is flowing at Miette Hot Springs.

Miette Hot Springs has 2 hot pools and 2 cold plunge pools. 

  • Hot pool water temperatures:

    40 oC / 104oF
    37 oC / 100oF

  • Cool pool water temperatures:

    20 oC / 68oF
    Strive for 10 oC / 50oF