Banff Upper Hot Springs

Facility accessibility

Our team strives to provide an accessible and inclusive experience for all visitors within the limitations of our heritage building environment. If you require assistance during your visit, please ask a staff member.

Parking and building access

The main parking lot for Banff Upper Hot Springs is at the base of a hill and is about a 200 m walk to the bathhouse. A paved sidewalk along the road allows pedestrians to safely access our facility.

Up the hill and next to the facility, there are three accessible parking spots. The patio is sloped to the road to minimize barriers to the facility’s entrance and day-use area.

A ramp leads to the Banff Upper Hot Springs entrance. The entrance is equipped with an automatic door that is activated by a push button.

Access to the pool level

The pool level can be accessed through the reception area located on the lower level of Banff Upper Hot Springs facility. From the entrance, a set of stairs with 20 steps takes visitors down to the reception area.

An elevator provides easy access to all three levels of the facility. Due to size limitations, some motorized chairs may be unable to access the elevator.  If you require assistance during your visit, please ask a staff member. View our Accessibility guide for elevator measurements.

Once your group pays for your admission, there are an additional 5 steps to the pool level. The pool level may also be accessed by a ramp through a side door near the stairs.

Personal wheelchairs are not permitted in the spring water at Banff Upper Hot Springs. An aquatic wheelchair is available upon request at the front desk.

Accessible change rooms

Banff Upper Hot Springs has two accessible change rooms that are separate from the traditional male and female change rooms. These change rooms have a shower, with a handheld shower head and seat, a chair, and an emergency pull cord. Street shoes, street clothes, winter coats, other belongings, and bags can be stored in the lockers located outside of the accessible change room. These lockers are double-stacked. If you are able, please use the upper bank of lockers.

The accessible change rooms are also the accessible washrooms for the pool level. The sink has a knee clearance of 330 mm (1’1”) and the toilet has grab bars behind and to one side of the toilet.

Hot pool access

All access to the pool is through the wet hall. The doors into the wet hall are not automated.

The wet hall acts as a ramp into the hot pool. The ramp has handlebars on both sides at a height of 876 mm (2’10”). At the end of the ramp there is a manual door that separates the wet hall from the exterior hot pool.

Public washrooms

The public washrooms on the main floor of Banff Upper Hot Springs facility are gender-neutral and accessible.

The sink is 864 mm (2’8”) from the ground and the bottom of the counter is 730 mm (2’4”) high. There is 330 mm (1’1”) of knee space under the counter. There is a grab bar behind the toilet and an emergency pull cord.

For more information about Banff Upper Hot Springs’s accessibility, please check our Accessibility guide.

Accessibility FAQ


Yes, Radium, Miette and Banff Upper Hot Springs are wheelchair accessible.

Accessible parking, drop off areas, change rooms and washrooms are available at each site.

Personal wheelchairs are not allowed in the water at any of the hot springs. Aquatic wheelchairs can be borrowed based on availability at the reception desk.

Please select the site you plan to visit for more information about its accessibility:

Banff Upper Hot Spring
RadiumHot Springs
Miette Hot Springs

Personal wheelchairs are not allowed in the pools. Aquatic wheelchairs can be borrowed based on availability. Please ask the cashier at the reception desk for assistance.

One caregiver may enter the hot springs free of charge when accompanying a paying individual with a disability who requires assistance using the hot springs. Swimsuit and towel rental fees will still apply to the caregiver if these items are required. Caregivers are welcome to bring their own swimsuit and towel.

If the caregiver and individual who requires assistance are travelling as part of the group, regular entry fees will apply to all other group members. Note that the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs does not formally participate in the Access2 card program, however, the above policy offers comparable access to caregivers.

Service animals

Certified service dogs are permitted throughout the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs, including in the lobby, change rooms, café, washrooms and on the pool decks while on-duty.

Following the Alberta’s and British Columbia’s public swimming pool regulations, service dogs are not permitted in the pool.

All service dogs must be certified per the B.C. Guide Dog and Service Dog Act, or the Alberta Service Dogs Act. Staff may request patrons show their B.C. Guide Dog and Service Dog certificate or Alberta Service Dog Identification Card.

Out-of-province and international visitors are encouraged to visit the Government of British Columbia or Government of Alberta websites for information on certifying your service dog prior to travelling.

Pets and Emotional Support Animals

Pets and emotional support animals not included under the BC Guide Dogs and Service Dog Act or Alberta Service Dogs Act and are not permitted at any of the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs.

Yes, you may wear an adult swim diaper in the pools if you require.

Adults who are incontinent must wear a swim diaper while enjoying the hot springs. Patrons with diarrhea or a history of diarrhea over the previous two weeks, or individuals with open sores or wounds must not use the hot springs.

If medical reasons prevent you, or the person you are caring for, from waiting in line please approach a staff member for a return access pass.

The staff member will estimate the wait time based on the current line and provide you with a pass containing the date, size of your party (max. 7/pass) and return time.

Return at your designated time and bring your pass to the staff member at the front of the line or reception desk. At this time, you will be permitted to pay your entry fee and continue directly into the hot springs.

If addressing a staff member in person to request a return access pass creates a hardship, please call 1-800-767-1611, select the site you are planning to visit then press 0 to make alternate arrangements with someone at the front desk.